Genomic back-breeding returns extinct “supercow” to Europe

Described as “mighty beasts that stood almost as tall as elephants, with lean, powerful frames and fearsome horns,” the earliest form of cows did not look much like the cows of today. Known as aurochs, these animals were the largest land mammals in Europe, until the rise of human civilization decimated their numbers. Records shows […]

Busy bull: Bull sires an estimated 500,000 calves

Referred to as a “titan of artificial insemination” and an “industry legend,” Toystory, a 2,700-pound bull who sired an estimated 500,000 offspring in more than 50 countries, was recently laid to rest.

Toystory’s handlers were able to confirm that more than 2.4 million units of his sperm were sold and shipped to farmers around the […]

Today’s chickens are not your grandpa’s chickens

According to a recent study, chickens today are four times larger than they were 60 years ago but contrary to popular belief, it’s not steroids, hormones or artificial enlargers that are not to blame. Instead, it’s our eating habits that have resulted in the breeding of larger birds.

Published in the Journal Poultry Science and […]