Is the number of foodborne illness outbreaks actually increasing?

It seems that every week, as you surf the internet, you see more and more people sharing articles about the latest food that’s garnering fear at the supermarket. Foodborne illness outbreaks, and food recalls related to them, have been big news in recent years.

Part of the increased coverage is, of course, due to increased […]

Report: Majority of consumers consider U.S. food supply safe, number of those who want more information on food labels up

Most U.S. consumers consider the food supply safe, but they still want more information, according to a survey released today.

The number of Americans who want more information on food labels has risen 6 percent in the last two years, according to an International Food Council survey.

About 24 percent of consumers indicated they would […]

Things that are neat: We are what we eat

Some random food facts for a Wednesday morning:

People eat healthier at breakfast and eat progressively less healthy throughout the day. But let’s be real, who doesn’t love an evening snack? It’s true what they say about eating breakfast. Those who have a meal in the morning help prevent low blood sugar levels throughout the […]