Food parasites to watch out for: Top 10

Last year’s outbreak of the foodborne pathogen Cyclospora in pre-made salad mixes brought a sometimes-overlooked type of pathogen into the forefront of people’s minds once again: parasites.

Some of the most well-known culprits behind food recalls are bacteria that live or die based on environmental conditions, like Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli. While parasites and […]

How hormones impact the stock trading floor

The stock floor is stressful enough: money flying in and out of hands, companies’ prices rising and falling and the nation watching and waiting to see what the stock market may have to say about the economy. Add in hormones, and the stock trading floor can become a whole different situation.

Researchers from Cambridge University […]

Dogs can be green with envy too

When we first got our beloved Chewbacca, we had another, older dog, Molly. Molly had been the center of attention for years and years, and as soon as Chewbacca came into her life, everything changed. After all, who doesn’t immediately gravitate to a cute little eight-week-old puppy?

Over time, jealousy rotated amongst our animals, and […]

Is yeast preventing drunk bunk?

This may be considered the best job ever: professional drinker. Literally, a person who drinks beer all day and gets paid for it. Apart from wanting to figure out where to apply, you have to wonder: with drinking all that beer day in and day out and not feeling the effects of intoxication, how do […]

Is this the end of malaria?

While some experts are debating how and if the world could go mosquito-free, other scientists are working to eradicate one of the major problems of the insect: malaria.

Malaria is a dangerous, easily transmittable disease known to be carried by mosquitoes. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that 207 million people […]

Study: Local livestock may not be key contributors to Scottish Salmonella outbreaks


A new study may partially exonerate Scottish cattle as the culprits behind outbreaks of resistant Salmonella, as they long have been suspected as reservoirs for drug-resistant strains of the foodborne bacteria.

The findings, which were published in Science, indicate the source of several Salmonella outbreaks in Scotland may be more linked to imported […]

Study: Eczema may be linked to food allergy development

Scientists have known for a while that eczema and food allergies are linked, but a new study shows the skin condition may actually play a role in the development of allergies.

Children with skin barrier issues, such as eczema, are more than six times more likely to have food allergies than children without the condition, […]

Cat’s meow: Show documents hidden world of cats

Want a cat’s eye view on what really goes on in the life of some fascinating felines?

You’re in luck. A recent study between the United Kingdom’s Royal Veterinary College and BBC’s Two’s Horizon program strapped cats up with GPS trackers and mini-cameras to monitor their movements throughout six 24-hour periods (researchers worked with animal […]

Study shows average pet life span increased

Pets are living longer than they used to.

Nationally, the average lifespan for dogs is about 11 years while cats live for about 12.1 years. Overall, the average lifespan for dogs is up about 4 percent (or about half a year) since 2002. For cats, the average lifespan has increased an entire year, or about […]

CDC: Food allergies increasing

More people are affected by food allergies now than in previous years, according a recent report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Among kids younger than 18 years old, food allergy prevalence increased from only 3.4 percent in 1997-1999 to 5.1 percent in 2009-2011. During that same time period, skin allergies […]