Buyers grumble as bacon reserves tumble

If you haven’t heard, The Ohio Pork Council and the USDA reported earlier this week that the demand for frozen pork belly, frequently made into bacon, is outpacing supply — leaving the country’s bacon reserves are at the lowest levels in half a century. In other words, pig farmers can’t keep up with the world’s […]

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Food Safety

Follow practical tips to keep food served at Super Bowl party safe – The Times Tribune Next Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday and according to the USDA, it is the second […]

Don’t be a Super Bowl party pooper!

Known as the second highest day for food consumption after Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is much more than just a football game. With an estimated 43 million Americans planning to host a Super Bowl party, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has provided several tips that can help those partaking in the festivities form […]

Avoid food safety personal fouls this Super Bowl Sunday

Can you feel that – a tinge of electricity in the air, a distant rumble of heavy steps in the distance?

Ladies and gentlemen, Super Bowl Sunday is almost upon us.

So bust out the chili con carne and chicken wings and check out these food safety tips to make sure your Super Bowl party […]

Super Bowl puts Americans in a fowl mood

As the New York Giants and the New England Patriots gear up for the biggest Sunday of the season, people across the United States also are preparing for the second largest eating day of the year – Super Bowl Sunday.

What’s on the menu?

If you’re in the majority of Americans, it’s chicken wings. More […]