New survey shows 76% of processors use rapid test kits for allergen control

Food Safety Magazine, as part of its Food Safety Insights program, has for many years been talking to food processors about their food safety and sanitation efforts. Recently, the magazine surveyed approximately 275 processors about “their most pressing problems and how they are dealing with those key issues.”

Specifically, they wanted to talk about one […]

Minnesota: Land of 10,000 outbreaks?


The presence of Salmonella in certain brands of chicken and tuna has recently lead to three different food recalls and has resulted in more than four million pounds of food being discarded. While the recalls involve three different food companies, and seemingly began completely separate of one another, they all have one thing […]

Tox Tuesday: Zolpidem

Get a good night sleep, finally. In an age of technology where you may stare at a computer/smartphone screen for hours on end during the day, it can be hard to shut down at the end of the day and get the sleep you need and deserve. That’s where short-acting non-benzodiazepines come into play, an […]