Spotted lanternfly hatching season coming soon: What to do

The spotted lanternfly, an insect native to parts of China, Vietnam and India, is an invasive pest in the eastern states of the U.S. As a planthopper, it’s a major threat to the livelihood of the nursery, landscaping and timber industries, as well as damaging to many plants of agricultural importance, like orchards, grapes and […]

Oak disease threatens U.K. trees

Courtesy of the Forestry Commission via Wikimedia Commons.

Scientists know little about a fatal oak tree disease that has cropped up increasingly in recent years.

Acute oak decline (AOD) first appeared in the United Kingdom (U.K.) 20 to 30 years ago; however, it seems to be on the rise. The disease causes mature oak […]

Fighting back against ash dieback: Researchers sequence resistant tree

Ash dieback symptoms. Courtesy of WTPL/Mike Ryder.

Scientists are fighting back against a deadly ash tree fungus on the genetic level.

The first genetic information from a tree known as tree 35 that survived an outbreak of the deadly fungus that causes ash dieback in Denmark has been sequenced by researchers in the United […]

Research: New steam method kills fungus that causes sudden oak death

Courtesy of the USDA

Steam cleaning might just be what the doctor ordered for sick oak trees.

Researchers at Dominican University in California have found a way to use steam sterilization to fight Phytophthora ramorum – a highly virulent pathogen that causes sudden oak death, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

P. ramorum kills […]