Neogen now screening tissue samples for Pestivirus

Australia’s largest genomic testing laboratory, Neogen Australasia, has expanded its range of services to the beef industry with hair and tissue samples now able to be screened for Pestivirus.

Pestivirus – also known as bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) – causes abortion, ill-thrift in young animals, deformed calves, temporary infertility, diarrhoea and respiratory disease, and is […]

TSUs deliver faster and more accurate genetic selection at Armidale

NSW cattle breeder Richard Ogilvie, or Te-Angie Poll Herefords, has made the switch from hair samples to using tissue sampling units (TSUs) to collect DNA for genomic analysis. Photo credit: Emily H Photography.

The switch from hair samples to using tissue sampling units (TSUs) has resulted in faster and more accurate collection of […]

How and when to collect DNA samples to produce the best genomic test results

As the use of genomics has entered mainstream dairy production, lots of attention has been focused on the science, technology, predictability and economics of genomic testing.

But all the benefits the latest advancements in high-tech dairy genomics have to offer to dairymen rely entirely on a critical, and decidedly low-tech, first step: the collection of […]