Salmonella outbreaks increase in raw turkey; E. coli a threat to romaine lettuce

With Thanksgiving just around the corner in the U.S., consumers should be aware of the recent influx of Salmonella cases linked to raw turkey products.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 74 cases of salmonellosis (an infection with Salmonella) have been reported since the last update on July 19, 2018. […]

Thanksgiving: why you may not want to stuff your turkey this year

Did you know stuffing ingredients may differ depending on where you are? If you’re Canadian or live in the northernmost U.S. states, you may use bread crumbs or rice. Southern regions sometimes use cornbread, and eastern coastal areas often use oysters.

Regardless of the recipe you use, the great thing about stuffing is that it’s […]

Thanksgiving for pets

Just around the corner is Thanksgiving Day, where the nation collectively overeats and naps on the couch while supposedly watching football. We love to celebrate and indulge in abundant feasts with family and friends, and many people consider their pets to be family. The temptation is to let your pet splurge on Thanksgiving with the […]

Bird flu-driven price hikes may make turkey shoppers sick

As shoppers begin to flock to grocery stores to buy their Thanksgiving Day turkeys, they may be irritatingly reminded of the fundamental concept in economics involving supply and demand.

Because of a lower supply of turkeys due to this past spring’s bird flu outbreak, shoppers will likely be paying more to meet the demand for […]

Keeping Thanksgiving happy

Every household has their own Thanksgiving traditions, but when it comes to the meal, the turkey is oftentimes the center of attention. While there are several ways to prepare your holiday bird, the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has food safety recommendations on how to properly prepare a […]

Russia to U.S.: To resume imports, provide ractopamine details

In the wake of import restrictions on U.S. turkey, beef and pork products, Russia has requested information on monitoring programs for the feed additive ractopamine.

Russia wants a “full description” on how the U.S. monitors for ractopamine, including sensitivity information, limit of detection and how often the studies are conducted, Russian veterinary and phytosanitary agency […]

HACCP plans for certain poultry products to be reviewed, pathogen sampling program to expand

Facilities that produce not ready-to-eat (NRTE) chicken and turkey products must reassess their plans that help prevent hazards from entering their goods.

Along with defining NRTE comminuted (read: pulverized or broken down) products, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) also plans to expand its Salmonella and Campylobacter verification program. A new NRTE comminuted poultry sampling […]

As senators push for action on Russian import restrictions, China looks at ractopamine

A group of U.S. senators have called on U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk to quickly resolve a Russian ban on U.S. pork, beef and turkey products because of a disagreement over the feed additive ractopamine.

Earlier this month, Russia enacted import restrictions on the products over concerns they may contain ractopamine, a feed additive that […]

Do turkeys have a drinking problem?

Dr. Mueez Ahmad, DVM

Technical services veterinarian


Although we’ve heard of chickens crossing the road from various sources, turkeys apparently are not very interested in whatever may be on the other side of the road. It sounds like turkeys have a better road sense than chickens. However, when […]

Russia to restrict U.S. turkey, along with beef and pork

U.S. turkey and turkey products will soon join the list of products facing Russian import restrictions.

Temporary restrictions on the import of U.S. turkey and turkey products will begin Feb. 11 over concerns the birds may contain ractopamine, a feed additive that helps enhance growth, Russia’s veterinary and phytosanitary surveillance service Rosselkhoznador announced earlier this […]