Teaching your dog to take a selfie

Apparently some of us choose the wrong dogs, or more accurately, the wrong dogs choose us. For that some of us, we spend way too much time and money at the vet’s office for the third time getting porcupine quills pulled from the mouths of our warm-hearted but not-so-smarted four-legged companions. For the third time, stay away from porcupines Bob! Oh, sorry.

Based on an article in the Business Insider, apparently the dogs in England are a whole lot smarter than my Bob. In London, you can take your dog to a class to teach it to read and take pictures of itself using an iPad.

In the article, one of the class instructors, Nicole Scott, explains: “These courses are about having fun together, developing the bond between you and your dog, and refining your training skills. Plus you will walk away with a cool party trick.”

Also in the article, another instructor, Anna Jane Grossman, points out: “We are not here to teach our dogs to do useful things, such as online banking.”

To get the your dog to take the picture, the report explains the instructors use a variety of apps, including Big Camera Button, which turns the entire screen of a tablet or smartphone into a shutter button. The camera is constrained to close-focus and is able to take pictures in quick succession, increasing the dog’s chances of capturing itself at a flattering angle.

I don’t think porcupine quills can get stuck in an iPad, but with Bob anything seems possible.

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