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Chicken wrap_blogDon’t have time to scour the internet for the latest food safety, animal safety, life sciences and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered. 

Food safety

Court extends deadline for FSMA rules – Food Safety News

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now has until June 10 to issue a schedule for the publication of the remaining Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules.

For more on FSMA, click here.

On the front lines of food safety – The New York Times

Some companies are providing extra training for farm workers to monitor for food safety hazards, including pathogens.

Salmonella uses protective switch during infection – Science Daily

The switch allows the illness-causing microbe to react to environmental changes.

FDA issues final rule: Information required in prior notice of imported food – Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

The rule requires those submitting prior notice of imported food must list any country that previously refused that product entry.

Meat allergy in kids tied to tick bites – ABC News

A new study shows kids may have severe meat allergy reactions following tick bites just like adults.

Meat allergies and tick bites? True story – read more of our coverage here.

Microbial misadventures: Exploits in botulism and pruno in our prison population – Discover

Prison-made alcohol can harbor deadly bacteria, including the one that causes botulism.

Animal safety

Washington state butcher spikes pig feed with weed – NPR’s The Salt

Cue the pot roast jokes.

Hurricane preparation tips for horse owners – The Horse

It’s vital to have a plan.

TOC commits to uniform medication program – Bloodhorse

The Thoroughbred Owners of California are the latest to commit to implementing the Mid-Atlantic Uniform Medication Program, which some have called the biggest change to medication regulations in horse racing in years.

CME: April beef, pork and poultry production up compared to a year ago – The Pig Site

A part of the increase was related to April 2013 having more workdays than April 2012.

Beijing reports second H7N9 infection – The Poultry Site

So far, China has had 131 reported cases of H7N9 avian flu.

Sarawak bans poultry from China, countries with bird flu history – Bernama

Malaysia will not allow poultry import from countries that have a history of reported avian flu.


WHO launches new publication on mycotoxins – All About Feed

The World Health Organization (WHO) hopes the new publication will help spread awareness of mycotoxins, especially in countries lacking robust control programs.


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