The first Monday links of October

Salad_wBeans&Tuna_blogDon’t have time to scour the internet for the latest food safety, animal safety, life sciences and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered.

Food safety

Federal government shutdown: Impact on food safety may compound over time – Food Safety News

The long-term effects could be worse than the short-term effects.

WTO forms compliance panel to address U.S. COOL – Meat and Poultry

The World Trade Organization (WTO) panel will review the U.S. country of origin labeling (COOL) laws.

Read more on COOL here.

Nine Floridians killed, 18 sickened by Vibrio this year; some cases linked to oystersFood Safety News

So far, 27 cases have been confirmed.

CDC: Shutdown strains foodborne illness tracking – NPR’s The Salt

Reduced staffing is affecting foodborne illness outbreak monitoring.

Produce association joins call for makeover of FSMA rules – Food Safety News

The association is especially concerned with the produce safety rule.


Animal safety

Neogen sponsors Dairy Day at the DerbyNeogen

Buying eligible cow shoes or gloves could land one lucky winner a trip to the 2014 Kentucky Derby, courtesy of Neogen.

Nationwide equine EEE, WNV cases creeping up – The Horse

The numbers still remain below last year’s figures.



Unraveling the mystery of potato curl – SpudSmart

A cool look at how scientists found the root of a devastating potato disease that severely impacted potato production in the 18th century.

Agricultural sectors to be shaped by global food demand – The Pig Site

As the global population and middle class grows, food demands will change.

Psyllid trap catches continue in California citrus – The Packer

Psyllids can wreak havoc on citrus trees.



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