Things that are neat: We are what we eat

Some random food facts for a Wednesday morning:

            • People eat healthier at breakfast and eat progressively less healthy throughout the day. But let’s be real, who doesn’t love an evening snack?
            • It’s true what they say about eating breakfast. Those who have a meal in the morning help prevent low blood sugar levels throughout the day, which helps curb cravings and increases “self-regulation.”
            • People eat healthier when they’re at home. It makes sense – who can say no to chili cheese fries at the local hamburger joint?
            • On average, people in San Francisco eat 3.4 times more cashews than everyone else, while people in Copenhangen, Denmark eat 18.5 times more rye.

Most of the data comes from The Eatery, an app by Massive Health that monitors world eating habits.

Check out the infographics here. (Works best in Google Chrome.)

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