Waterbeds make dairy cows happier, more productive?

If we do someday all come back as cows, there would be few better places to come back than as a dairy cow on a Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada, farm.

As reported by CBC News, Ontario dairy farmer Steve Oosterhof believes that pampering his cows has significantly improved their production. The pampering includes resting on waterbeds, robotic grooming, and pedicures twice a year.

The article quotes Oosterhof as saying: “They’ve got the waterbeds to sleep on. The comfort level for them has improved and the comfort level for us has improved. The happier they are, the happier we are. They require very little bedding, which is nice, lowers our cost for bedding.”

Oosterhof said his farm’s efforts at pampering the cows has yielded about a 20 percent increase in milk production.

To see what a cow resting on a waterbed looks like, click here.

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