Weekly mycotoxin reports return

Monday-Mycotoxin-Report_logo_jpgDid you miss our weekly mycotoxin reports?

We sure did. But not to fear, the weekly edition of Monday Mycotoxin Reports has returned to our YouTube channel. This season’s first edition tackles crop planting progress, emergence and, of course, an overview of the potential for mycotoxin issues, especially deoxynivalenol (DON).

Mycotoxins are produced by certain strains of mold that can flourish on a variety of crops, such as corn and wheat. DON, which is produced by the mold Fusarium graminearum, typically occurs in cold, damp weather. Conversely, aflatoxin, which is produced by strains of the mold Aspergillus, typically occurs in hot and dry weather such as last year’s drought and ensuing outbreak.

While visiting our channel, be sure to check out our Special Report: A mycotoxin perspective on the 2013 growing season, which covers sampling, testing and a mycotoxin overview.

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