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Food safety

As fiscal cliff approaches, advocates worry about food safety Food Safety News

Advocates worry the budget cuts that come with the fiscal cliff will set back food safety progress.

China to enhance food, water safetyThe Pig Site

So far in 2012, China implemented 88 new food safety standards and plans to expand even more.

Seafood sleuthing reveals pervasive fish fraud in New York City – NPR’s The Salt

Fish in some New York City establishments may be mislabeled, according to a new report.

Producers hope for US M-COOL resolution – The Pig Site

The executive director of the Canadian Pork Council wants the U.S. to move forward by complying with the World Trade Organization’s ruling on its country of origin labeling (COOL) for meat. For previous Neogen blog posts regarding COOL, click here.

Animal safety

Mexican poultry industry recovering from AI outbreak – World Poultry

As of mid-November, it had been more than three months since a highly pathogenic strain of avian flu was detected in Mexican commercial layer flocks.

Toxic weeds likely behind the deaths of 19 BLM horses – The Horse

Whorled milkweed is thought to be the cause after the horses tested negative for diseases such as equine herpesvirus, rabies and West Nile.


USDA: Ag exports will hit record $145 billion next year USDA

U.S. ag exports have grown more than 50 percent since 2009.

Russia intends to be stricter with GMO industry – AllAboutFeed.net

The Russian government plans to crack down on the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in crops and livestock feed.

IFIF, OIE sign cooperation agreement – The Pig Site

The new agreement between the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) and the World Organization For Animal Health (OIE) aims to mitigate infectious, zoonotic diseases while updating standards and guidelines.

Weekly overview: Early signs of easing in global feed grains – The Poultry Site

Global wheat stocks have increased by 2.8 million tons, according to the latest USDA report.


Inherited resistance to cocaine – The Scientist

The sons of male rats that used cocaine were less likely to get addicted, according to new research.

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