What you need to know this Monday

Ever wonder what is going on in the world that you ought to know? We’ve compiled some links that we’re looking at this morning to get your latest news about life sciences and the animal and food industries. 


Get your fix online: drug dealers move online to sell their product (The Guardian)

You can find just about anything on the internet — including legal and illegal drugs, a new study from the United Kingdom says. A survey of nearly 80,000 drug users from 43 countries studied online drug habits, including what drugs they’re using.

Ebola epidemic in Africa “unprecedented,” WHO says (France24)

No vaccine, no cure and no specific treatment options are just a few of the many things health care officials are up against with the devastating outbreak of Ebola in Guinea, Africa.


Frozen foods are just as good as fresh — so says new ad campaign (NYDaily.com)

Sales of frozen foods are dropping, resulting in a new “multi-year, multimillion dollar” campaign to boost the PR of freezer delicacies. Companies hope to prove that frozen is just as good and with the same nutrients as fresh food.

VIDEO: China steps up food safety regulations (The Wall Street Journal)

New food safety laws crack down on foreign products, which must now adhere to strict standards established by the Chinese government.


New law makes it illegal to report on animal cruelty (The Atlantic)

The new “ag-gag” law in Idaho is meant to protect farmers who are being “tried and convicted in the press or on YouTube.”

Laws being reconsidered on ban of pit bulls and other breeds (Yakima Herald)

Some cities ban residents from owning pit bulls — but some of these laws may be reconsidered for the breed.

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