World Allergy Week: Addressing a global issue

assorted allergy food

Food allergies are a growing concern.

April 8 to 14 marks World Allergy Week, which this year is focused on increasing awareness of food allergies while also facilitating meaningful discussion and collaboration on the topic.

Between 220 and 250 million people globally have at least one food allergy – numbers that continue to increase, according to the World Allergy Organization. Although almost any food can be allergenic, 90 percent of food allergic reactions are caused by only eight foods: peanuts, eggs, milk, tree nuts, wheat, fish, soy and shellfish.

Symptoms of food allergic reactions can range from mild, such as hives, to severe including throat swelling, difficulty breathing and anaphylactic shock.

Check out our infographic (PDF) Food Allergies:A Growing Concern.

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